Reuzel Red

For a number of months now, we’ve been stocking Hollands’ Finest Pomade, Reuzel. After meeting the barbers who produce it, we knew it was a good choice. Pomades are a type of hair product which is used for short to long length on top, and helps hold down the sides if need be.

Reuzel is the Dutch word for lard, a nod to the past when pomades were made from animal fats and fragranced with apples. Pomade comes from the French word pomme, meaning apple.

The Red Reuzel product is water soluble. This means it only takes water from the shower to rinse. This is your go-to pomade for that slick, classy finish. It has a high shine, with a subtle scent of cola. Despite the fact it’s easy to rinse out, the hold factor is on point, keeping your hair in place throughout the day and shining in the night.

Simply comb your hair to your preferred style, then work through a fingernail-sized amount of product with your hands. Throughly, working front to back. Put the product evenly through the hair, and use comb again to finish.

Piglet size: $20
Pig size: $35

– Tim

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