Craft Beer

January has kicked off similar to how we left off. Although Summer is more relaxed, the hair doesn’t stop growing, keeping us busy. Afternoon appointments and Fridays will never be better with the addition of a mini fridge stocked with Craft beer for our patrons. Limited, of course.

We’ve teamed up with Craft Hamilton* located in Hamilton central to put a spotlight on something that has grown immensely over the last few years; Craft beer. Every month we’ll be stocking a different beer, crafted by New Zealand brewers. First up is the Behemoth* Hopped Up on Pils.

With as many clients our shop see’s from week to week, clients show and tell us a lot of things. A client of mine recently got me onto a App, Untapped*. With this you can check in your beer you’ve had, rate it, or just look up a beer you’re wanting to try to get an understanding on. Its worldwide including an insane amount of different beers within it, posted from other people. Even tag our shop as a location of your check in.

– Tim

*Craft beer
*Hamilton beer and windy
*Untapped (Download through Google Play Store or Apple App Store)

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